ECE-C301 Advanced Programming for Engineers
Homework Assignment: Week 9
Reading from “C Programming: A Modern Approach”: Chapter 16
From Chapter 16:
• Exercises: 7 and 10
For each of these exercises, write a main() providing “proof” that your functions work. All code pertaining
to a given exercise should be within a single file.
Note: Your code must build and run on in order to receive credit. If we are
unable to build or run your code, it will not be considered. It is always better to have code that builds and
does not give the correct answer/behavior than it is to submit code that does not run at all.
Submission and File Naming Conventions
Please submit your files via BBLearn. Name files using the following convention:
For exercises:
<userid c<chapter e<number.c
For “Programming Projects”:
<userid c<chapter p<number.c
For a Drexel ID of abc123 for Chapter 2, Exercise 3:
abc123 c2e3.c
For a Drexel ID of abc123 for Chapter 3, Programming Project 4:
abc123 c3p4.c