Covid-19 Impact on Learning and Sporting Activities

How Covid-19 is affecting learning

The impact of Covid-19 has been felt across the world with education being among the aspects experiencing the most negative impact. Schools across the world have been closed as students are forced to embrace online learning. According to the Business Insider, the United States, Brazil, and India currently top as the world’s most affected countries (

On 26th March, the United States overtook China as the most affected country. It has since maintained the same position. Having surpassed the 5 million infected people, the risk of infection is now higher than ever amidst growing pressure to reopen schools.

Reopen Schools amidst Covid-19?

Covid-19 continues to affect learning in most parts of the world. As expected, most schools across the United States have already confirmed that learning will be conducted exclusively online during the Covid-19 period. However, many questions have been asked regarding tuition fees paid by students for online learning. As they will not be attending classes physically, some students feel that the tuition fees imposed by learning institutions are exorbitant. Despite the complaints, learning institutions have declined to revise the tuition fees downwards. Consequently, most students are now frustrated bearing in mind that the quality of online learning is not the same as the physical attendance of classes. Unfortunately, a number of students have contemplated dropping out of school altogether. 

Aside from the complaints by students concerning online learning, some might argue that opening campuses is completely out of the question due to Covid-19. We cannot ignore the fact that it is impossible to efficiently monitor the movements of students around campuses. In one instance, Syracuse University students were suspended for allegedly organizing a party ( Such gatherings expose well-behaved students to the risk of getting infected as well. Most will argue that such behavior makes it harder for schools to reopen during Covid-19.

How Covid-19 is affecting sporting activities

The death toll from Covid-19 is increasing by the minute and athletes have not been spared. There is no doubt that sports are among the school activities that have been indirectly affected by Covid-19 ( Most student-athletes now suffer due to confinement in their homes. Those who can leave their homes cannot protect themselves adequately. Furthermore, training in groups is discouraged thus it easy to find students lapsing in concentration and losing motivation while training alone.

Hopefully, the centers for disease control will maintain the effort to ensure the corona-virus is kept under control.

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