Climate change-Taking on an oil giant for greenwashing

Taking on an oil giant for greenwashing

How much effort is the industry carrying out the production of fossil fuel putting to regulate climate change? If we pose this question to the sectors, they will say that it’s enormous. ExxonMobil is a large oil and gas company in America. It expresses its determination to introduce new energy solutions which will have limited contributions to global warming. An example of such is the fuel made from algae. The firm expresses its determination to fuel trucks, power planes, propel ships, and cut their emissions by half. In one of their adverts, they state that every technology they make helps lower environmental emissions. In turn, the practice helps in controlling climate change. They continue to say that their actions run supreme if it’s narrowed down to maintaining climate change.


Not everyone believes a word they say since there is a severe disconnect. Naomi, a professor at Harvard University describes this. She has spent most of her years monitoring how these firms provide wrong information about controlling environmental pollution. The basic terminology we use to describe this deception on environment control is greenwashing. Continued exploitation and sale of gas and oil is the reality of their operations.

Through advertisements, they tend to polish their name and make it seem like they are helping society. That is because they want to continue their illegal operations and don’t care about its impacts on climate change. Whether it causes significant health effects on humanity is none of their business as long as they continue to profit. The critics of ExxonMobil describe this as greenwashing, pretending to be committed to serving the environment than you are. Because of greenwashing, ExxonMobil and other gas companies are fighting allegations daily in our court.

Why Massachusetts State is suing Exxon for Greenwashing

Massachusetts State has sued Exxon by applying consumer protection laws. They are suing for deceiving the public and foreign investors that the company is committed to promoting renewable energy and environmental conservation when exploitation is done. Exxon has denied this allegation in the strongest terms possible. The company has tried on several occasions to get a dismissal of the case but failed several times. Their arguments are based on the fact that most of the allegations fall outside the jurisdiction of Massachusetts courts. Another reason is; the ads made are not explicitly directed to the resident of this location. The lawsuit states explicitly that Exxon is a threat to the fishermen and their culture.

Bruce is a shell fisherman and an oyster farmer in Massachusetts. Bruce has spent all his life working on waters around Bourne and he feels the climate change. He describes how the water levels have reduced, and he is already looking forward to buying an enormous crane. Without proper monitoring, this greenwashing by Exxon will endanger the life of the aquatic animals.

The tides at the lake have changed and the weather is now worrying to most people living in the area. Hurricanes have led to the shutdown of this oyster farm for two years now. The frustration is stepping in on survival means. How will his children survive now when all that he has spent all his life doing to earn a living is degenerating. The emission of sewage has engulfed the selfish and has led to the death of some. The pattern of the rains has also changed immensely. This is Exxon’s impact on climate change in this area.  

Big oil in the dock

Some 21 states in the United States are suing other fossil fuels, i.e. Chevron, Shell, ExxonMobil, and BP, for greenwashing. The accusation concerns lying to the population for an extended period about their role in climate change. Of course, they deny the allegations. The cases presented contain information elucidating what the companies were aware of considering climate change and what they weren’t. Contrary to this, the courts in Massachusetts are concerned about the current happenings. Other courts consider the history of this case. That is to mention how long it has taken to let other companies other than Exxon off the hook.

Brainwashing in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts case could drag for long. But for some reason, it is the only case that has made substantial progress. Other similar issues seem to have no grounds due to inadequate evidence and funds to proceed with them. Winning this case will be a significant boost because the company will have to pay billions of money. The money will help in compensating for the damages that have occurred to society in general. Civil penalties are being sought to come clean and explain what they do. They should also explain how concerned they are about promoting green chemistry. Karen, a Loyola University professor, says that the industry has duped people into believing they are worried about environmental conservation. Still, in a real sense, they have ulterior motives and are just greenwashing the population.

Exxon Company argues that no consumer who watches the adverts will their main activity is not oil and fuel production. The company has also commented negatively on the cases they are facing in Massachusetts. They have said that such cases waste millions of taxpayers’ money and are not crucial if concrete action addresses climate change. The company has accused the attorney general of misusing the freedom of speech to extort the company. The company also claims that attorney general Hailey uses constitutional means to implement his ideology in the company.

Exxon, in its defense, says that it has spent over $10bn in research. They spent this money trying to develop lower-emission energy solutions. This explanation is contrary to their latest annual reports. The reports indicate that in the year 2020, they spent $10.4bn in building new oil and gas reserves. This evidence alone suggests greenwashing; the information they are feeding the public is not true.

Political pressure on climate change

Last month in the US congress, the pressure was building upon the fossil fuel industry. The leaders of the four largest companies appeared under oath before the house committee to discuss climate disinformation. Exxon’s chief executive officer Darren Woods refuted the claims of having authorized greenwashing before. When confronted with whether he allowed the companies to lie, he stood his ground and said no. He went on to say that the companies cannot do such a thing.

Upon asking whether Exxon will match the efforts of their European counterparts; BP and Shell, to reduce oil production, he did not answer. He beat about the bush and later commented that they are addressing concerns of reducing their emissions. The political battles concerning climate change are set to intensify. Still, they are not helping the ordinary person, for example, Mr. Bruce, on the coastline of Massachusetts.

Mr. Bruce claims that the battle on the climate and the environmental impacts of Exxon will continue forever. He is pessimistic of anything good coming out of it. His main worry is how his children will survive because he says that it is technically game over. He further admits that if we disagree on climate change now, then the battle is already over. This implies that greenwashing will continue, and we will witness massive changes in the climate.

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